Our tribe of volunteers are innovative, bright and enthusiastic!

We’d venture to say that our volunteer opportunities are quite unique! Our tribe of volunteers are innovative, bright, enthusiastic, and we want to USE those skills! Whatever your interests or imagination, we have rewarding tasks that need to get done.

Opportunities Include:

Events – Each of our special events need volunteers to make them run smoothly. Whether you’re free for the whole weekend or just one day, we can use all the help we can get: help to set up, wrangle attendees, support exhibitors, take tickets, etc. A list of events can be found [under the events tab] – simply include at which event you’d to volunteer!
Professional services – As a nonprofit, many people on our team volunteer their time regularly to execute sales, artwork, marketing, networking, operations and more. Whether you’re a veteran professional or looking to gain experience, we can use the help! Just give us a little background when filling out the application!
Short-term volunteer – Only have a month to volunteer? No problem! While many nonprofits need a 6 month or more commitment, we always have a project at the ready for a short-term volunteer outside of events. Write a blog, help us put up posters, help shoot a YouTube video! Let us know what you’re interested in, and we’ll find a perfect fit for you.