Our Executive Director

Jeanette Breton

I look forward to the opportunity of working with our Colorado maker community! I have been a visitor to Colorado with my RVing family over the last 7 years after 12 weeks teaching and mentoring in summer camps. When we were looking for locations to settle within Colorado, we visit many makerspaces, artist studios and makers across Colorado to help us decide on where to live…it did not help us narrow down! There are so many vibrant local maker communities in Colorado!

I am new to Colorado as a resident and appreciate the opportunity at Colorado Maker Hub Elise provided me to join her team in 2017. I’ve owned a makerspace, organized Maker Faires, collaborated on industry-standards organizations, led in a global corporation, influenced institutions in their makerspace implementations and…I’m a Maker myself tinkering under the umbrella of Techno Chaos! I look forward to visiting even more maker communities across Colorado in the coming year.

My interests are in connecting and collaborating within the maker community to increase awareness of and strengthen the maker community across Colorado. I do not feel like one person is the sole representative and director of the Colorado Maker Hub. Yes, there might be one person that has to execute to enable but the Hub has many leaders in our maker community and it should be a collaboration with the members of the community.

I appreciate and invite further discussion from the community. I am open and receptive to ideas to make the Colorado Maker Hub a collaborative community! Let’s work together to strengthen and mature our Colorado maker community while preserving the spirit in each of our local maker communities.

Jeanette Breton
aka Chaos Buster