Be A Part of Our Community

Connecting Makers, Organizations and Individuals that Support a Maker-Mindset

What We Are Planning


Colorado Maker Hub will be spinning off as our own non-profit 501c3 organization from our founding non-profit Making Progress Colorado.

Our scope has been reduced to not include Maker Faire Denver, the Rocky Mountain Makerspace Summit or Sparks & Spirits, but our mission has been broadened to connect, communicate and strengthen the maker community across all of Colorado.

Our Mission


Increase awareness in Colorado of the existing maker community


Communicate, advocate and market the community benefits provided from a maker mindset


Strengthen the Colorado maker ecosystem through collaborations, education and partnerships

A Hub Serving Makers and Maker Organizations

We love living in Colorado! We especially love living in Colorado because there are so many cool, creative makers who are passionate about what they do. And there are vibrant maker groups, events and businesses in every part of our state.

As a hub, we see a wonderful opportunity to connect makers and maker organizations. We also see a need to help the maker community market to the general public ‘what making is’, ‘the benefits of making’ and ‘who & where is making’ in Colorado.

When it’s easy to connect, when we are aware of the people, organizations, and resources available, magic happens! Collaboration happens. Synergy happens. We all thrive together.

This is our big vision for the Colorado maker community and the role of the Maker Hub.