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Our Board of Directors

We are currently looking for community members to fill positions on our Board of Directors. Positions will be for a two-year term. The Executive Director will fill the Chair position for the first term, but will not have a vote on the Board. In the first Board meeting a set of Bylaws that govern our non-profit and member community will be discussed and defined. The Board will approve a budget for 2018 and determine the first set of initiatives for the Hub. Come be an inspiration to connect, communicate and strengthen the maker community in Colorado!

Our wishlist for our board would be a broad and diverse representation of our maker community including:

  • government entities
  • educational institutions
  • makers
  • space owners
  • group organizers
  • event organizers
  • program organizers
  • businesses
  • If you are interested in serving on the board or want to recommend someone, please contact us at bod@coloradomakerhub.org.