Our Board of Directors

Thank you to our Board of Directors who have stepped up lead our efforts on behalf of the Colorado Maker Hub community.
We invite you to contact us at board@coloradomakerhub.org if you are interested in filling any open positions on our Board.

Next Board Meeting: June 9, 2021 | 5pm | Virtual

All Board meetings are open to public.

If you are interested in attending, please contact us at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Jeanette Breton

Jeanette BretonJeanette has owned a makerspace, organized Maker Faires, collaborated on industry-standards organizations, led in a global corporation, influenced institutions in their makerspace implementations and…She’s a Maker myself tinkering under the umbrella of Techno Chaos! Recently she founded Monumental Impact a nonprofit in the Tri-Lakes community to enable and support high school students in technology, engineering and entrepreneurship with experiences and community.

Her interests are in connecting and collaborating within the maker community to increase awareness of and strengthen the maker community across Colorado. She does not feel like one person is the sole representative of the Colorado Maker Hub. The Hub should have many leaders in our maker community and it should be a collaboration with the members of the community. Jeanette is open and receptive to ideas to make the Colorado Maker Hub a collaborative community! Let’s work together to strengthen and mature our Colorado maker community while preserving the spirit in each of our local maker communities.

Danny Harms

Danny HarmsDanny is a lifelong maker and a creative professional. For over ten years he worked in creative departments at companies that included the White Sox in Chicago and The Brewers Association in Boulder. Now he owns and operates Studio DNVR, an independent, full-service design and branding studio based in Denver, Colorado. He lives in the Bradburn neighborhood of Westminster, Colorado with his wife Lauren, dog Iris, and cat Bagel.

His current maker activities (in addition to a full-time creative job) include illustration, hand-lettering, and various home improvement projects. Aspirational maker activities include carpentry, gardening, and writing. Loves collaboration, creativity, and organization, and is a perpetually curious person. Huge fan of traveling, camping, nature, hiking, hosting gatherings, music, vinyl, coffee, craft beer, building communities, volunteering, and books. He believes we all do better when we all do better.

Cindy Jones

Cindy Jones Cindy Jones has spent her 30 years as a professional focused on advertising, marketing, website, and app development. She has ninja-like skills in collaborating, brainstorming, and organizing anything. One of her professional superpowers is improving workflow efficiency and utilizing technology and data to solve problems, improve performance and grow audience share.

Cindy spends as many hours as possible being outside – hiking, running, riding, skiing or gardening. Competing with her passion for soaking up nature is her love of creating – sewing, painting, crafting, and building. She recently started Whispering Rabbit, an Etsy business for home decor. Over the years Cindy has volunteered at numerous community organizations and currently is working with Boulder’s Meals on Wheels and StudioDoorz.

Heidi Ragsdale

Heidi RagsdaleHeidi Ragsdale is a STEM Educator’s Educator! After nearly 20 years in 8th grade science, Heidi now runs STEM is My Future, LLC, and provides professional development for teachers with GeoSpatial (GIS) Technologies, Problem Based Learning, National Geographic’s GeoInquiry Process, and MakerEd.

Currently, Heidi works at Grand Junction MakerSpace and the Business Incubator, a community makerspace in Western Colorado. She serves as a Space Exploration Education CREW member with Space Center Houston, a Space Foundation Teacher Liaison, a Solar System Ambassador, a National Geographic Teacher Advisory Council member and 2020 National Geographic grantee, an ESRI teacher trainer for GIS, a teacher forum member of 100Kin10, the webmaster for Colorado Delta Kappa Gamma, and serves on the boards of Colorado Maker Hub and the Latin Anglo Alliance Foundation. She is the founder of the Western Colorado Girls in STEM conference, The Geo Maker Institute, also of the #GJSpaceLadies, a group of like-minded space-loving educators who get it done! Heidi’s favorite things to make are beautiful digital maps, Geo-Jewelry, and a difference on Earth!