Become a Member

The Colorado Maker Hub has been organized to operate exclusively for charitable purposes to connect, communicate and strengthen the Colorado maker community. We welcome you to browse our Mission, Principles and Bylaws to get a sense of our purpose. We are a new organization and yet we are not…we currently have over 5,000 subscribers and look forward to providing program services to our members.

At our first Board meeting in 2018 we defined two membership types for the Colorado Maker Hub, an Organization Member and a General Member. There are no member fees to Coloradans at this time. An individual, agency or organization shall become a member of the Colorado Maker Hub if it: (a ) meets the eligibility criteria below; (b) agrees to work for the purposes of the Colorado Maker Hub and to operate within our Bylaws; and (c) submits the membership application form below and pays its dues.

We look forward to connecting with you and the Colorado maker community online!

What is an Organization Member?

Any nonprofit agency, nonprofit organization or for profit organization is eligible for membership. In addition to support organizations, makers with a business can have an Organization membership to promote their business.
We are inclusive. The Board of Directors may implement different membership levels based on the type of organization. At this time we are allowing ten individuals per organization to inherit membership privileges for an Organization Member.


What is a General Member?

Any individual is eligible for membership who seek to affiliate with the Colorado Maker Hub.