Thank You for Our Sponsors & Partners

Through sponsorships and partner networks we are able to continue our efforts to connect, communicate and strengthen the Colorado maker community.

We are very appreciative of every contribution we receive. We know funds are tight and we will be a strong steward of your funds.

Our Sponsors

Our Partner Networks

As a team member to the Make The Data efforts we contribute to efforts that provide the maker community data that will help spread the word about the impact and importance of these facilities. is run by the data working subcommittee of the Nation of Makers. The team conducts the annual Survey of Makerspaces, and other survey/research initiatives focused on making.

As a Network Connector we help connect teams with resources, especially those in Colorado. We can assist in connecting you with a local makerspace with the tools and community of support you may need. Or maybe there are resources or a specific knowledge base your team needs. Our maker community is broad and diverse in its skill sets and capabilities. Let’s see if we can connect you with others to succeed!

Be a Part of the Impact!

Join us in our journey as we connect, communicate and strengthen the Colorado maker community.