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Our Guiding Principles

Our Hub will connect, communicate and strengthen the whole Colorado Maker Community.
We will not be focused in one regional area.
Makers are diverse and Making is broad, in addition to the organizations that support them.
We will be inclusive.
We respect each other.

Our Hub will support existing organizations, groups, events and makers in Colorado Maker Community.
We will not jump into starting up any new organization or program.
We will partner with the boots-on-the-ground and help them grow, strengthen & shine.

Our Hub will be an enabler for collaborations and sharing of resources.
We are not adding work to our member’s platters, but enabling the member community to grow and strengthen for the long-term, both individually and as a whole.

Our Hub exists for the benefit of our member community.
The member community should be able to provide feedback individual or as whole.
We are active in assessing our direction and actions based on the collective feedback from our member community.